Photon Messaging Protocol

The first fully customisible and interoperable infrastructure for secure cross-chain communication

Photon Messaging Protocol


The way how smart contracts communicate determines their value. The smaller the dominion, the lower the value. Put simply, Web3 adoption is hindered with siloed ecosystems.

The Photon Messaging Protocol empowers Ecosystems and DApps with fully customisable, fast and secure cross-chain communication across any EVM and non-EVM blockchains.

Facilitating a bespoke dapp-specific environment for access to data, Photon Messaging Protocol enables the most comfortable balance of security, decentralisatio and cost, leading to variety of interoperable use cases, such as smart contract automation, calculation optimisation, trustless bridging and more

Interoperability Resolved

Secured by 100+ validators

7 configurable security parameters

Low transaction costs

Proof of Collateral system

9+ chains with one deployment

Data Storage secured on the
Entangle Blockchain





Photon Messaging Protocol employs Circuits for cross-chain transactions. When a transaction is initiated, the Circuit on the source chain transmits information to off-chain machines known as Transmitters.



Controller + Observers

The transmitters check and sign the transaction as in voting process. Next, the Controller on the Entangle Blockchain receives the data and verifies both the Transmitters' permissions and consensus.



Conductor (through Transmitter)

Once validated, the transaction is securely recorded on the Entangle blockchain and transmitted to the Circuit on the destination chain. This data transfer is facilitated by off-chain Conductors.


To achieve an optimal balance between security,
decentralisation, and cost, DApps have the flexibility to customise the number of Transmitters and 6 other parameters to suit their specific requirements.

Additionally, they can establish their own Transmitters for added control.

Number of Transmitters
Consensus Threshold
Data Sources
Data Process Logic
Data Delivery Method
Payment for Operations Processed
Transmitter Collateral Amount

Unlock unlimited opportunities

Interoperable Real World Assets


Cross Chain DaPPs

Smart Contract Automation


Omnichain Stablecoins

And more ...